Streamline Your Service Department.

Save time by texting customers instead of calling.

Click on the video to see how your service techs can:

  • Notify customers of completed service
  • Text work order quotes and sales receipts
  • Found an issue during intake? Send a picture to your customer to let them know

Simplify your process with automation.

Automatically text your customers based on a Lightspeed Work Order Status

Click on the video to see how your service techs can:

  • Set a customized message for any status
  • Decide when the message is sent
  • Use smart fields to include the customer’s first name, last name, and Work Order ID

Click and Collect stressing you out?

Easily text your customer when their special order is ready for pickup.

Check out our YouTube video to see how easy it really is. (Less than one minute of your time.)

Get a quote approved while the bike is in the stand.

Send Work Order Quotes and Sales Receipts as a simple high resolution image.

  • Texting work order quotes gets you a fast response
  • Emails are easier to misspell than a phone number
  • Bar codes are scannable on the customer’s phone

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  • Quick and complete answers to your questions
  • Use the POS systems you already have
  • Targeted messaging and upselling for your customers

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