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Texting is the preferred way to communicate with customers. For a limited time, you can send and receive text messages in Lightspeed Retail for 30 days free with no contract, credit card, or commitment needed. Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

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Justin likes Ikeono.

"Ikeono is absolutely boss. It is without a doubt the best, time saving, efficient, professional, smart, piece of software! Goddamn we love it. It has made our workshop less cluttered, the boys are on the tools more, phones don't ring as much, ohh it is bliss."

- Unsolicited awesome feedback from Justin @ Giant Davenport

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Streamline Your Service Department.

Save time by texting customers instead of calling.

  • Send and receive photos when a situation is hard to describe
  • Text work order quotes and sales receipts
  • Create preset message templates for the things you type most
  • Use automation to create a superior and consistent experience with customers
  • After a sale and/or work order, send a feedback request message for positive online reviews
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Workflow Automation

Using automation will improve your service department's turn around and provide a consistent customer experience.

  • Send an automated message on Work Order status messages
  • Send customer feedback requests
  • Smart fields to pull in the customer name, and work order details
  • Highly customizable for your business needs

We make it easy.

Connect with your customers today.

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Contactless payments

  • Text a payment link from within a Lightspeed Work Order, Lightspeed Customer Profile, or within the Ikeono Portal
  • Accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
  • Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay

Get a quote approved while the bike is in the stand.

Send Work Order Quotes and Sales Receipts as a simple high resolution image.

  • Texting work order quotes gets you a fast response
  • Emails are easier to misspell than a phone number
  • Bar codes are scannable on the customer’s phone

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  • How texting with your customers works
  • Go paperless with SMS receipts
  • Automated Messaging

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