Navigating A2P 10DLC Regulations: Compliance with The Campaign Registry

As technology evolves, so do the tools we use to connect with our customers. The business text messaging landscape is no exception and in this blog post, we'll cover some upcoming changes.

What You Need to Know

All business text message service providers, like Ikeono, must take the necessary steps to comply with new regulations from The Campaign Registery by March 31, 2023.

This presents an opportunity for us to better connect with our American customers and ensure that independent businesses can continue to communicate with their clients via text message.

First, let’s cover some basics.

What is 10DLC?

You're already familiar with 10-digit long codes (10DLC), they are your standard phone number like 209-123-4567.

In the past, businesses either had a toll-free or a local phone number (10DLC), but text-enabling these 10DLCs is a relatively new development.

As a result, carriers are now catching up and implementing some changes that we will discuss in this post.

What is A2P?

Application-to-person (A2P) is a term used by carriers to describe the type of communication that occurs between a 10DLC and another phone number. When you text friends and family, this is considered person-to-person (P2P) communication.

However, when businesses use Ikeono to communicate with their customers, the carriers categorize it as application-to-person (A2P).

What is The Campaign Registry?

The Campaign Registry serves as the central hub for registering 10DLC messaging campaigns.

They allow carriers to identify the sender of a message (in this case, you, the business owner) and determine if they are authorized to send messages to their customers.

This helps reduce spam and fraudulent activity and helps improves the customer experience by ensuring that legitimate messages are delivered promptly. On one hand, it protects the business owner and ensures their messages are not categorized as spam; on the other, it protects their customers by making sure they are protected against actual spam.

Before the introduction of 10DLC for business text messaging, short codes were commonly used instead. They are costly and were originally designed for one-way marketing and promotional messages, but with the shift towards two-way conversational messaging, businesses have transitioned to 10DLC.

3 Benefits of 10DLC A2P

Improved Deliverability

This new regulation will improve the overall effectiveness and deliverability of business text messages.

By being pre-approved for sending text messages to your customers, businesses can be sure that their text messages will reach their customers without being flagged.

With the advancements of smartphones, business text messages risk being filtered and categorized as spam. However, with these changes, businesses can confidently communicate with their customers, knowing that their messages will be delivered promptly.

Implementing these regulations is a step forward and benefits businesses and customers alike.

Enables Conversational Texting

The adoption of 10-digit long codes (10DLC) not only provides businesses with the ability to establish a more personal and meaningful connection with their customers, but it is also a cost-effective solution.

Unlike short codes, which can be quite expensive, 10DLC allows businesses to enjoy the best of both worlds - a cost-friendly solution that improves customer relationships.

Strong Brand Recognition

Having a consistent and recognizable phone number is a key factor in building brand trust and recognition.

With the advent of 10-digit long codes (10DLC), businesses can use a single number for both text and voice communication. This enhances brand recognition and ensures that customers can easily identify who is reaching out to them.

Compared to shortcodes where their experience can feel more transnational rather than personal.

What Does This Change Mean for You?

New Customers

Access to a free trial may take longer than anticipated given that we will need your business’ complete information (listed below), including the EIN number.

To comply with the latest regulations, obtaining access to a free trial may take up to a week.

Ikeono Customers

Please make sure the following fields are filled out by March 23, 2023.


Please note that this applies to companies that are a US company or a foreign company with a US IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN), please enter your nine-digit number in the EIN field and ensure that your legal company name is consistent with your IRS registration and is properly spelled.

Sole Proprietorship

The Sole Proprietors (SP) without an EIN are able to register and send A2P 10DLC messaging, they simply need to provide the information below.

Please fill out the information below in your Ikeono portal through Settings > Account.

✓ Your full name (first and last)
✓ Your legal company name
✓ Your tax number/EIN *Corporations only
✓ Your full legal business address
✓ Address line 1
✓ City
✓ State/Region
✓ Postal Code
✓ Country
✓ Phone number
✓ Email address


1. What is A2P 10DLC?

Application-to-person (A2P) 10-digit long code (10DLC) refers to a business’ ability to use a 10-digit phone number to send text messages to their customers using business text messaging providers like Ikeono.

2. I am an American business, what do I need to do?

You will need to provide additional information to Ikeono to ensure your registration with The Campaign Registry by March 31, 2023.

3. I am a Canadian business owner with customers in the United States, does this impact me?


4. I’m switching to Ikeono, and another company already vetted my business phone number, do I need to go through the same process again?


Ready to Navigate the New Regulations?

The new A2P 10DLC regulations bring a new era of security and credibility to the business text messaging industry.

They will reduce spam and fraudulent activities while providing a more reliable and trustworthy environment for both businesses and customers.

While the new regulations may bring some challenges and changes, they also offer numerous opportunities for businesses to improve their text messaging services and reach a wider audience in a secure and trustworthy manner.