Do you know how customers align with your brand?

Gauge how well your customers are aligning with your brand, values, and service by providing an industry accepted survey.

  • View a real-time score of your customer's p
  • Quickly reply to your Detractors (people likely to negatively promote your brand), giving you a chance - to correct the issue
  • Promoters will be sent a review link that can increase your positive reviews by 450%

What is this Net Promoter Score?

Measuring your customer experience is a vital tool in predicting business growth, your marketing efforts, and most important customer interaction with your brand.

  • Promoters: (score 9-10) these customers are fueling your growth by referring others and making repeat purchases
  • Neutral: (score 7-8) customers who are ok with your service, but will not promote you or worse start buying from competitors
  • Detractors: (score 0-6) an unhappy customer who will damage your brand, leave public negative reviews, and actively talk about their negative experience

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