Contactless payments over text

Collect payments faster, get paid faster, attract cautious customers - easily and effectively.

  • Get paid with minimal interaction and contact
  • 2 way texting empowers you to have real conversations without a phone call
  • Send marketing campaigns to get new members, more championship signups, and more

Custom Invoices

Send invoices that show clearly what your customer is paying for. Simple invoices will get paid faster and lead to a better customer experience


Payment Methods

Accept a variety of convenient payments methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and most major credit cards

PCI Compliant

Sending payments over text is PCI compliant with Ikeono. Protecting you and your customer.

Manage Invoices

You can manage your invoices directly in the Ikeono Portal. Eliminate another software system you have to deal with.

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  • Targeted messaging and upselling for your customers

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