Window shoppers become customers

People browsing your website can ask questions giving you the opportunity to close sales.

Watch the video to see webchat in action.

  • Capture leads from people browsing your website
  • See the products people were looking at when they send a message
  • Get people in the store by answering questions

Respond automatically.

An easy to install button empowering you to convert leads into paying customers.

When a customer sends a message they can leave the site and continue the conversation on their phones without having to install an app. Everything happens through the medium customers enjoy most - texting.

Capture and convert leads.

Customers browsing your website will have questions.

Answer those questions quickly from within your point of sale or on our iOS/iPad apps.

Rich conversations.

See a rich media preview when a customer inquires about a product.

Customers aren't always great about providing enough detail. When you can see exactly what the customer is asking about you can help them faster and close the sale.

  • See product picture and name
  • Open the product page on your website
  • Reply to questions faster and with more detail

Easy one line install.

Ikeono Webchat works on any website

Even if you're not a tech person or have any idea about websites. It's an easy install that works on any website provider.

  • Lightspeed Ecom
  • Shopify
  • Smartetailing
  • Squarespace
  • Wordpress
  • Wix
  • More...

User support and training

Live support

During business hours we offer email, text and in some cases phone support.

Text us

When you have a question or issue all you have to do is text us from within your Ikeono portal or your phone.

Virtual Training

When we roll out new features, or if you need a refresher, we can offer a virtual training for you and your staff.

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