The check engine light for your bike.

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A Quantitative Approach to Bike Maintenance

Easily connect to Strava

We automatically pull data from Strava to start tracking the wear-and-tear on your bike. No manual input, or complicated interfaces to deal with. It's easy.

Flexible Notifications

You can sit back and use our Automatic Component Notification System™, or take full control. Create custom notifications at the intervals you want.

Extend Bike Life

Ikeono is the single-most effective way to extend the life of your bike, prevent breakdowns, and keep you at the top of your game. There is no reason not to use it.

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Ride Log
Component Alert Detail
Bike Component Alerts
Bike Detail
Bike List

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Packed with easy-to-use features

Our iOS app provides an easy way to ensure your bike is staying in tune.

Integration with Strava

We pull ride logs from Strava to analyze the distance you're putting on your bike.

Track every bike in your quiver.

We believe the perfect number of bikes is N+1. You can track of all of them, no matter how many.

Detailed Bike Maintenance Records

Providing peace of mind with easy access to your bike’s maintenance record.

Receive service alerts

Fully customizable distance alerts to take the guesswork out of bike maintenance.

Track multiple wheelsets

Whether you’re using training wheels or race wheels always know the distance you’re putting on your tires

Upcoming Features

Integration with Garmin and MapMyRide, find your closest bike shop to service your bike, and more.


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