Receive notifications when your bike needs service.

  • You're at the front of the pack, now introducing the single most effective way to keep you there
  • Automatic notifications when your bike components need servicing.
  • It's the check engine light for your bike (but 7 times more effective)

Download now, and bring your bike's performance to 110%


If you ride a bike, Ikeono was made for you. Every bike will need servicing, but unlike cars, most bikes lack a sophisticated computer system to inform you when servicing is needed. Ikeono is a high performing monitoring system that dramatically reduces the chance of you needing service while on the road. Receive important notifications when components need servicing, replacing, or visual inspection. Why take a chance while you're training, on a leisurely ride, or on race day?

Easily connect to Strava

We automatically pull data from Strava to start monitoring the wear-and-tear on your bike. No manual input, or complicated interfaces to deal with. It's easy.

Flexible Notifications

You can sit back and use our Automatic Component Notification Systemâ„¢, or take full control. Create custom notifications at the intervals you want.

Bike Life

Ikeono is the single-most effective way to extend the life of your bike, prevent breakdowns, and keep you at the top of your game. There is no reason not to use it.