Two-way texting creates a frictionless experience

Everyone loves to text. Text-enable your existing business landline to start communicating on your customer's preferred channel.

  • Send and receives text messages and images
  • 89% of people prefer to text a business
  • Use a single inbox to manage all of your customer's communication

Consolidate your communication

Ikeono Inbox syncs texting, webchat, Facebook, and Instagram messages into one easy to use ecosystem, so you can quit checking multiple platforms.

Take it with you when you're on the go

Full feature iOS apps for iPhone and iPad keep you in the loop even when you're out of office.

Get started

See for yourself to see how Ikeono can help your business

  • Quick and complete answers to your questions
  • Use the POS systems you already have
  • Targeted messaging and upselling for your customers

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